We started our activity with high quality wheat from Germany and France: more than thirty years later, we still supply mills in Italy with the best qualities of milling wheat either by trains or by trucks, supported by our long experience with these commodities. We are constantly informed about the trends of the markets and world climate situations; this allows us to supply wheat from different origins (depending on the crop: from France, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Russia, Ukraine or Rumania) and to get the commodities with the best quality/price proportion.


Corn has always been as well one of our core markets: we privilege Serbian quality for the mills, but we import this commodity also from all the Eastern Eu Countries for feed use. urthermore, we trade other grains (such as barley, triticale, yellow, white and black oats), sorghum.
Moreover, we deal with sugar and oilseed byproducts: we regularly import unmolassed sugarbeet pulp pellets from Serbia and Croatia, but also sun- and rapeseedmeal.

Last but not least, we always keep an eye on the developments of the Non-Eu Countries, especially on cottonseeds by containers from Brasil besides than from Greece